South Carolina History Lessons 9 and 10 Answer Key

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Antebellum SC
#1 What were the antebellum times? A period of much wealth and plantation owners lived fancy lives
#2 How did many SC plantation owners become rich? By growng and selling cotton.
#3 Name 2 reasons why the kitchen was separate from the rest of the plantation Because of the risk of fires and because there was no AC
#4 Besides having parties, what did the men and women do? The men hunted and fished. The women did charity work.
#5 Name 3 ways in which schools were different than now. 1 room, no black children, used quill and ink, no cafeteria, strict teachers
A New State
#1 Which document contained the rules for the U. S. government? The Constitution
#2 What part of the U. S. and state government decide if the laws are fair? Supreme Court
#3 The Senate and House of Representatives are 2 groups that make the laws for our country. What part of our U.S government do they make up? Congress
#4 How did the cotton gin help SC become a wealthy state? It made growing cotton much faster and easier, so farmers all over the state began growing cotton again.
#5 Why was the state's captal moved from Charleston to Columbia? To make it more fair and equal for the Low Country and Up Country
South Carolina Regions
#1 What 2 regions make up the Midlands? Sandhills and Inner Coastal Plain
#2 What 2 regions make up the Up Country? Blue Ridge and Piedmont
#3 Is SC's capital located in the Up Country, the Midlands, or the Low Country? The Midlands
#4 Which crop is very important to the Up Country? Peaches
#5 In which region would you find a wide variety of crops being grown? The Midlands
#1 Helping those who are poor or in need Charity
#2 What is a drought? A period of little or no rain
#3 The city in each state where the governor, state representatives, and other government officials work called? The capital
#4 What does it mean to be chosen by votes? To be elected
#5 Define fertilize To put nutrients into soil
Oh Wait! There's MORE!!!
#1 How did Obama make history when he became president? He is the first African American ever to hold this office
#2 Who was governor of SC 4 times, a senator, and a member of the House of Representatives? Charles Pinckney
#3 Why was the bald eagle chosen as our national bird? Because it is strong and can live for many years
#4 What 2 resources made growing cotton a good business in SC? The cotton gin and the railroad
#5 What is Sarah Grimke known for? She was one of the first women in our country to speak out against slavery
Final Question
What are 3 similarities between the U. S. and state governments? Elected leader, 2 Groups of Representatives, a Supreme Court